The parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) has always been one of my favorite parables. In essence, the tale is about a king who leaves his servants with a portion of his wealth (talents, a sum of money) to watch over while he is away. During his absence, two of the servants take the king’s talents and use it to gain a profit for the king. The third servant, fearing the king, hid the money til the king returned. As the king returns he praises the first two servants and scolds the third for doing nothing. To sum it up, God blesses us with talent in order that we might use it for his glory.

God has blessed me with the hands of an artist. I love to draw and create. In some ways, nothing makes me feel as good as producing art. I’ve always wanted to use these talents for  God, but the question always comes up, “how do I use these talents for God,”? I’ve come up with answers but then I seem to always fall through with them. Then it hit me. My problem was not in the ideas but in the action. So what if I just started doing it. Take a small walk of faith and just start creating “anything” for Christ.

This blog is simply that, a humble walk with God. My goal is to create art that goes along with my spiritual walk. I will create cartoons that illustrate a verse, a logo, that represents a biblical theme, a comic strip that contemplates the issues of Christians in today’s culture.  I pray that the people who visit this site find something here that might be useful for them. Please use and share what you like from this site. Above all, my prayer is that God will use what I create for His glory.

Dan McMahan


4 Responses to About

  1. Pearl says:

    Sharing your site on my fb wall

  2. paul mints says:

    love these illustrations!!!!
    amazing and insightful too. brilliant!
    Paul Mints

  3. WebinationStation says:

    Your illustrations are incredible. Do you do freelance? Would like to open discussions.

  4. WebinationStation says:

    Your illustrations are wonderful! Do you do freelance? I am very interested in meeting you. Please email me so we can talk. Blessings.

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